A selection of books of interest to the vintage radio enthusiast, plus one novel which features a vintage radio receiver as an integral part of the plot. All books are available from Amazon (on-line) and on order from most good bookshops. The novel has a short You Tube video and a link are given to this.

PLEASE NOTE: the long-running Crowood book 'VINTAGE RADIOS Crowood Collector's Series' is now out of print, as is 'The Mind of Charles Allen'. Occasionally, used versions are offered by sellers on Amazon Marketplace but the prices are ludicrously high - be warned.




Collecting - Servicing - Restoring


This book tells you everything you need to know about buying, repairing and restoring valve radios. The theory behind the technology is fully explained in a straightforward non-mathematical way and there is guidance on buying from on-line auctions and other sources, with tips on what to avoid.

Again, a very popular book, now fully revised and enlarged for 2015. Together with 'Vintage Valve Radios', this book is very good value at just £12.95.

Available from Amazon and by order from bookshops.

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 Valve radio may belong to yesterday but it remains a work of genius. This book explains how valve radios work and how to restore them. Written by an established author in the field, it is packed with essential information for the practical restorer, regardless of experience, starting from basic principles and progressing in easy stages through to full chassis and cabinet restoration. Theory starts from the atom, through electron flow (conduction) and on to cover the functions of basic components – resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, diode, triode, tetrode, pentode and multiple valves. Radio transmission is briefly discussed before sub-circuits are described, from mixer/oscillators through to output stages. Example sets suitable for the improving restorer are described, then fault-finding and full electronic restoration techniques are thoroughly explained, together with an arrowed and numbered exemplar circuit diagram. The repair and restoration of all types of cabinet plus an appendix packed with useful data and information brings the book to the glossary and index.

Many people are amazed at just how good valve radios can be: the technology may be outmoded but valve radio remains one of the greatest inventions ever.

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A handbook for restorers


This book, new for 2018, is a practical guide for the repairer and restorer of commercial receivers built during the era of the valve (tube) Packed with information of a directly useful and understandable form, this book is the product of many years of experience. Detailed and specific component and valve faults are identified and restoration methods described. Coverage also includes safety, tools and equipment, numerous example restorations, cabinet and case restoration and faultfinding guidance to help the restorer, new to valve technology or not, to locate and correct the causes of problems whether electronic, mechanical or structural.

There's even a record player restoration.


This is a book based entirely upon practical restoration and is not a theory text but where it is inevitable that there are technical terms used, the glossary is there to clarify. An assumption is made that readers will possess at least some basic practical knowledge of electronics, though not necessarily of valve technology.

262 pages. Illustrated with monochrome photographs and diagrams.






In 1942, a German bomber approaches the British coastline. Its crew could not know it, but it was to be their final mission.

In 1966, a grieving young woman recovering from debilitating depression enters a saleroom, bids on impulse and wins an old valve radio. The radio is hers…  or is she now the property of the radio? She takes it home, believing it ideal for her newly-acquired 1930s house; but both the radio and the house play a far larger part in her life than she could ever have imagined. The glowing valves of the old receiver hold the key to her lost past and before long she is drawn into a nightmarish, haunted journey in time and as the boundary between reality and fantasy fragments, a horrific secret is revealed, one that puts her life and the lives of her friends in extreme danger.

Help arrives when Vaughan, a paranormal investigator, teams up with her to solve her mysterious and terrifying experiences, but will they be in time to stop a deranged murderer from killing again?